Today Gourmet Foods of NC– Snow Crab Legs 10-12oz Clusters (20 Lbs)


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Distantly related to King Crab, Alaskan Snow Crab are another variety of giant crab found in the icy waters of the North Pacific. With thinner legs than King Crab, Snow Crabs boast a sweet, delicate crab flavor, with meat ranging from a reddish tint to pure, snow white. COOKING & HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS Keep frozen at 0° F or below until ready to use. For best results, thaw before cooking by removing all packaging and refrigerate below 38° F for 8–10 hours or overnight. BROIL: Place Alaskan Snow Crab on a broiler rack 5 inches from heat for 5 minutes, until heated through. STEAM: Fill large pot with 3/4 inch of water. Place a steam basket in pot and bring water to a boil. Place Alaskan Snow Crab in basket; reduce heat, cover and steam for about 5 minutes, until crab is heated through. SAUTÉ: Start with serving-sized pieces of Alaskan Snow Crab in the shell, or out. Melt butter, margarine or oil in a pan, stir in Alaskan Snow Crab and sauté lightly for 3–5 minutes, until heated through. When sautéing with other ingredients, add crab during last 5 minutes of cooking. GRILL: Place Alaskan Snow Crab (legs and/or clusters) on well-oiled grill a few inches above hot coals for 5 minutes, until heated through.

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