Krupasadhya Coriander Powder Dhaniya Powder Masala Rich Flavour (Pack of 1, 800 grm)


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Krupasadhya Presents Coriander Powder Masala Rich Flavour. Made from premium quality coriander seeds sourced from the best farms. A quality product packed with minimum human interference. A pure quality, perfect aroma and the right flavour that enriches any Indian dish it’s added to. No added flavours and colours. Coriander Powder is a must have ingredient if you want to turn your dish truly delicious. Coriander Powder is the vibrant and strong fragrant coriander powder plays a major role in enhancing your cooking preparations tasty to the great extent. It is obtained from the Coriander seed of the coriander plant. Most usually, it is bought as complete dried seeds, but it can also be found as a powder. coriander powder is brimming with freshness to bring out the aroma that makes your food remarkably tantalizing. Ground coriander is widely used in various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to infuse a distinct aromatic flavour. If you use the Everest Coriander, this cooling spice can enrich the taste of your curries, stir-fries, or even salad dressings. We maintain the same standards of purity, freshness and authenticity in every pack, getting their aroma and flavour consistently right.

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