Caviar by Khavyar || Royal White Sturgeon Caviar, 1kg (2.2lbs)


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A true White Sturgeon, our Royal White is unlike any other domestic caviar on the market. Exhibiting an extremely clean flavor, large pearls and attractive slate to black color, this Royal White will appeal to anyone looking for a domestic option similar to an exceptional Osetra. From natural spring waters in Southern Idaho, this Royal White Sturgeon caviar comes from the world’s third-largest sturgeon, ranking just slightly smaller in scale than highly prized Beluga and Kaluga sturgeon from the Caspian Sea. White sturgeon caviar bears a strong resemblance to highly exclusive Osetra caviar, with large pearls that range from slate-grey to black. Caviar connoisseurs will find the Royal White Sturgeon caviar to be both familiar and unique, showing off an exceptionally clean flavor unlike any other domestic caviar. Khavyar’s Royal White Sturgeon caviar is sustainably raised in the Idaho to ensure the best flavor and texture available from a domestic caviar variety. Showcase the unique flavor of this white sturgeon caviar by serving it similarly to a Beluga caviar— with little or no condiments, presented simply on blini or toast points to truly let its particularities shine.

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