Authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef Kobe Beef Strip Steaks 20 lbs -A5 Grade


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Authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef Kobe Beef Strip Steaks 20 lbs -A5 Grade This is the Best Beef in the World. This is the Rolls-Royce of the Steak. 100% AUTHENTIC JAPANESE Kobe Beef New York Strip Steaks (15 LBS in total) , you can find the Original Certificate of this steak in the images….100% Satisfaction Guaranteed… This is 100% Authentic Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef A5 Grade, Best in Best Grade, imported directly from Japan which is VERY HIGH END BEEF. Absolutely one of the BEST Meat you will ever taste, now you have the opportunity to purchase it online here today. The number of cuts are limited. Hurry, because you can not find this Authentic TAJIMA Kobe Beef easily in the US. Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef is “Kuro Ushi” that is strain of Wagyu Cattle that has raised according to very strict Japanese tradition in Japan. JAPANESE Wagyu Beef (Wagyu Kobe Beef) is very famous for its delicacy, flavor, tenderness, amount of fat content with well marbled texture. This also called Kobe Niku (Kobe Meat), Kobe Gyu, or Kobe Ushi (Kobe Cow) in Japanese. – THIS IS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY TO BUY WORLD’S BEST QUALITY MEAT which is A5 Grade. Japanese Kobe Beef steaks is the best choice for BBQ days, parties, special days, important family days and, special events. – BEST out of BEST, Very high Quality of Tajima A5 Grade Wagyu beef New York Strip Steaks (Also called Shell Steaks) which has great taste. – World’s #1 beef Quality which has the best taste and extremely tender and has the best marbled texture. – 1 piece is aproximately 14 to 20 oz. each Authentic Japanese Kobe Beef New York Strip Steak, therefore you will receive 20 lbs in total which can be 17 – 22 pieces – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Order Huntspoint’s Best Seller Kobe Style Wagyu Strip Steaks now and enjoy it with your friends and family members. Please feel free to communicate with us with your comments or questions.

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 20 Pounds Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Huntspoint ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00NYF21RI

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