Assorted Turkish Delight with Metal Gift Box 2.2 lb (1000 gr)


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Our vision is to develop new unique delicacies and tastes in all of our products,as well as, procuring traditional Turkish pastries, since 1871. Güllüoğlu uses 100% natural ingredients and develops confections with professional team of award-winning masterchefs.Our flagship factory is in Istanbul, Turkey with the most technologically, advanced equipment, and is under the supervision of food engineers, who produce 9.000 lbs of handmade baklava per day. The Turkish names lokma and lokum are derived from the Arabic word luqma(t) and its plural luqūm meaning “morsel” and “mouthful” and the alternative Ottoman Turkish name, rahat-ul hulküm, was an Arabic formulation, rāḥat al-hulqūm, meaning “comfort of the throat”, which remains the name in formal Arabic. In Libya, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Tunisia it is known as ḥalqūm, while in Kuwait it is called كبده الفرس “kabdat alfaras;” in Egypt and Lebanon it is called malban (ملبن [ˈmælbæn]) or ʕagameyya, and in Syria rāḥa. Its name in various Eastern European languages comes from Ottoman Turkish lokum or rahat-ul hulküm. Its name in Greek, λουκούμι (loukoumi) shares a similar etymology with the modern Turkish and it is marketed as Greek Delight. In Cyprus, where the dessert has protected geographical indication (PGI), it is also marketed as Cyprus Delight. In Armenian it is called lokhum (լոխում). Its name in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Israel is rahat lokum, and derives from a very old confusion of the two Ottoman Turkish names found already in Ottoman Turkish; indeed this mixed name can also be found in Turkey today. Its name in Serbo-Croatian is ratluk, a reduced form of the same name. In Persian, it is called rāhat-ol-holqum (Persian: راحت الحلقوم‎). In English, it was formerly alternatively known as Lumps of Delight Less

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